So I Started a Blog.

What makes you happy? I mean completely, genuinely happy. What makes you go to bed at night feeling content, and like you’re already excited to wake up and start tomorrow? What makes you feel like you’re proud of yourself? What gives you that awesome feeling of confidence? What makes you feel accomplished, intelligent, talented, courageous, motivated, grateful, healthy, positive, yadda yadda yadda?

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’ve been asking myself these kinds of questions a lot lately, and along with these kinds of questions come others, like what makes me unhappy? Disappointed? Afraid? Now I’ve started thinking, how can I change those things? What can I do so I can be the happiest, healthiest, most positive person that I am capable of being?

The answers that I’ve come up with so far have been leading to some pretty big changes in my life. I’ve started eating healthier this past week, which is a huge deal for me because I’m a diabetic, and food affects me in so many ways. “Eating healthier” means not only making better choices when choosing what I eat, but also counting and keeping track of the calories, carbs, fiber, and protein in the foods that I choose.  I keep a food journal now to document everything. I’m doing the meal planning and prepping every week. I am pretty sure I’ve eaten more vegetables this week then I have in the last couple months, (not that I mind that part, I love veggies!).

I have also started trying to get into an exercise routine. For five days a week I make sure to move something for at least a half hour. I usually hurt after that thirty minutes, but it’s that good kind of hurt that means progress.

Another important element I’m beginning to tackle is my state of mind. I’m making strong efforts throughout the day to remember things like: think before speaking, complain less, compliment people, smile, express gratitude, stop and breathe, appreciate what I have, think positive. I remind myself that I can learn from my mistakes and move on, rather than beat myself up over them. I tell people I love that I love them, and why. I try to always be honest. I fill my head with positivity and joy and let it radiate into my words and actions.

Basically, I want to improve my life. Myself. Where I’m at now isn’t necessarily bad, but I have made a lot of choices that I do regret. Choices that have cost me a lot in the area of my physical and mental health. I know that I can be better. I know I can be more than what I am now. I know I can be above average, above content. I can be happy, healthy, and positive. I can be euphoric.

This blog is something that I’ve been interested in trying to do for a long time, and with all of these new happenings in my life I thought “why not do this now too?” I want to be able to share with others what inspires me to improve myself, and hopefully help other people move in a happy direction. I’ll be sharing all sorts of things that make me feel good, like recipes, craft ideas, (and the results for both of these) quotes, motivation, work outs, as well as things like my progress, personal stories, and thoughts that dance around in my head. So here we go!


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