Healthy and Happy!

Who else is enjoying some beautiful weather today? It’s sunny, it’s warm, and there is a pleasant wind blowing. So we decided to make today the day for our second bike ride of the year. Four miles!! I admit, my legs already hurt. But I’m hoping that soon four miles will seem like nothing. Eating healthy has been pretty easy, I already loved veggies and have been finding more and more tasty ways to eat them. I’ve always loved fruit as well, so when I crave something sweet it’s just as satisfying to grab some natural goodness like pineapple, berries, or a banana as it would be to grab that snickers bar. Probably even more so actually because it’s a choice that I can feel good about. Adding in the exercise though has not been quite as easy. I get to move a lot at the greenhouse where I work, but actual workouts haven’t been happening nearly enough. So this bike ride today was a pretty big deal for me, and I’m feeling pretty positive about it!

It’s going on three weeks now since I’ve decided to start living healthier, and I feel better than I have in a very long time. The support, encouragement, and advice I’ve gotten has been amazing. It’s good to know I have people that care and want to see me succeed and be the best me that I can be. I’ve also been making sure to help myself. I have set alarms to go off on my phone for times I should be getting a snack and checking my blood. Each alarm is labeled with a simple little note to remind me to keep going, smile, that I’m amazing, and other things like that. I also write myself the same kind of notes and leave them places I know I will see them. I got myself some nifty measuring spoons to help with meal prepping and portion control. Those are also getting happy messages and fun decorations scribbled all over their handles. And what I’m probably most excited about is the book I’ve made to keep track of what I’ve eaten and those nutrients, my workouts, whether I’ve met my daily goals, and my water intake. I designed the pages myself, cut every one of them out, punched all the wholes, and made the cover and back. I have diligently filled it out every day since its completion. It’s kind of silly how much pride I have in it, but that pride definitely inspires the motivation to use it. (book featured in all its glory in the picture :))

I know this post is pretty short, and is for the most part me rambling, but stay tuned! I’ve got some ideas rattling around in my head that are sure to excite and amaze! Coming to you soon from the mind of a newly healthy, happy, and positive Ashley: Apple cider vinegar, it’s benefits and the best ways to drink it (as well as the not so great ways to drink it), some fun craft ideas and how to do them, some healthy foods and why they should be household staples, and some yummy recipes! If you have any other ideas that you would like to see here feel free to shout them out in the comments!!

Hope everyone is has a great week!!


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