Well, Hello There

Hello, my name is Ashley, and if you’re curious about getting to know me a little, read on folks!

I suppose I’ll start by telling you that I’m a diabetic and a vegetarian. I think these are probably two of the most interesting things about me. I am often asked “what do you eat?” Food. I eat food. Just not meat. And I count the carbs in my food so that I can inject the insulin I take to enjoy it. Simple 🙂 How many of you know that Mr. Rodgers (remember him?) was also a vegetarian?  His reason? “I don’t want to eat anything that has a mother.” I love this statement so much, it’s just so sweet. Like him, I gave up meat for ethical reasons, It’s been nearly nine years now, and the only things I sometimes miss are real pepperoni and ham sandwiches.

When I’m not at work, eating, or hanging out with my family and friends, I spend most of my free time doing things like reading, writing, cooking, various crafts, attempting to grow beautiful flowers and things I can dine on, going on long walks, and making lists.I know that last one is weird, but what can I say? It relaxes me. Occasionally I paint, and when weather permits, you can find me camping, playing around on some beach or other, or laying in the sunshine. I love vibrant colors, animals (any and all of them), both warm sunshine and warm rain, as well as thunderstorms, and good food.